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5 weeks left

I have multiple things to blog about such as all the wonderful showers sweet friends have thrown me and Ashley and JPs wedding weekend (which was beautiful in every way) but for now I will post a quick update on where we are at in preggo land πŸ™‚

I realized that I am terrible at remembering to update the blog weekly on the progress of Libby-oops!-Today we are at 35 weeks exactly. I am currently waiting for my appointment today but I think it could be a while as the nurse just said my doctor went into surgery about 5 minutes ago…and it could be another 20 minutes to an hour- thankful my awesome husband bought me this trusty iPad to keep me occupied for the time being! Anyways- here at the stats

Gender: we all know this one by now but it is indeed STILL a girl- at our last sono I asked them to double check πŸ™‚

Size: 2 weeks ago she was estimated to be at 4.5 pounds- today the app says the size of a honeydew melon! Which is about 5.25 pounds and around 18 inches long

Movement: I’m pretty sure she is practicing her karate kicks and learning dance moves (hopefully those dance moves will not be taken after me!) I did not realize my stomach would become so deformed from the outside when she is moving around- pretty crazy. I also look like a crazy person in public when it takes me off guard and I am jumping or gasping in the middle of the grocery store

Weight Gain: not really sure right now and I’m ok with that 18pounds

Maternity Clothes: first off the really cute stuff is way too expensive and it’s just starting to get a bit annoying! So now that it’s summer I have started wearing cotton dresses almost daily and getting normal dresses that may or may not be a few sizes bigger than my normal size πŸ™‚ way cheaper that way!

Sleep: until the past week I’ve been sleeping GREAT but almost like clock work now I am waking up once or twice to go to the bathroom or because my back is hurting from whatever position I’ve been laying in. Good thing it’s summertime and I can nap in the afternoons!

This weekend will be my last shower before Libby’s arrival and I can’t wait! We have been so blessed by everyone’s generosity and encouragement during this exciting time in our lives.

Until next time… Happy Monday and praying I’m not here for forever and a day πŸ™‚



2 years

2 years ago today at this current time I was eating an amazing breakfast surrounded by friends and family at my Aunt Rene and Uncle Jeff’s house-all the while making sure Justin did not show up before I had left so that we would not see each other beforehand. It was a success, don’t worry πŸ™‚ The day went on-all things that go along with getting ready on your wedding day, photographs, a few happy tears and then it was time to make the best decision of my life-and that was to say “I Do” to Justin Mercer Kates-followed by a wonderful reception afterwards. God was so good that day (and every other day!)-I can honestly say it was a day FULL of peace and joy.

He is without a doubt my best friend. The only one that truly understands all my quirks and loves me no matter how weird those quirks are. He is my spiritual leader who challenges me in more ways than he probably even realizes. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else has ever been able to do-he is seriously the funniest person ever! He loves so well-not just me-but anyone he is around. He is already the best dad to Libby and I can’t wait to see him with her when she is finally here (in apprx. 6 weeks! ah!) He supports me and encourages me in all that I do. He speaks truth in love even when it’s difficult…I could go on and on about how amazing He is. I love him!

With all that said-take a trip down memory lane with me with a few a lot of photos from June 12, 2010!

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To the Cayman’s we went!

OK peeps now that vacay is over and school is over I just MIGHT blog a tad more than I have been lately. I told you I was not going to promise being consistent at this whole blogging thing πŸ™‚Β 

I don’t even know where to begin talking about our trip to the Cayman’s with my family because well it was simply amazing. Not only was our condo literally on the beach and we could look out at the clear blue water each morning, Β the weather perfect or getting to go snorkeling BUT nothing beat the fact that we had some great quality time as a family (which if you know me, you know that is my main love language). SO now I will let the pictures do the talking (and there’s a lot so get ready…I really did try and narrow them down!) On a side note: Libby is now 33 weeks along, looking great & healthy and approximately 4.5 pounds!