2 years

2 years ago today at this current time I was eating an amazing breakfast surrounded by friends and family at my Aunt Rene and Uncle Jeff’s house-all the while making sure Justin did not show up before I had left so that we would not see each other beforehand. It was a success, don’t worry 🙂 The day went on-all things that go along with getting ready on your wedding day, photographs, a few happy tears and then it was time to make the best decision of my life-and that was to say “I Do” to Justin Mercer Kates-followed by a wonderful reception afterwards. God was so good that day (and every other day!)-I can honestly say it was a day FULL of peace and joy.

He is without a doubt my best friend. The only one that truly understands all my quirks and loves me no matter how weird those quirks are. He is my spiritual leader who challenges me in more ways than he probably even realizes. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else has ever been able to do-he is seriously the funniest person ever! He loves so well-not just me-but anyone he is around. He is already the best dad to Libby and I can’t wait to see him with her when she is finally here (in apprx. 6 weeks! ah!) He supports me and encourages me in all that I do. He speaks truth in love even when it’s difficult…I could go on and on about how amazing He is. I love him!

With all that said-take a trip down memory lane with me with a few a lot of photos from June 12, 2010!

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One thought on “2 years

  1. Becky O says:

    Lana fun going down memory lane with you! Could drown in your baby blue eyes. Justin is one blessed guy to have you!

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