“She likes to move it move it!”

Month 2 and Libby is movin’ movin’ and movin’ some more. She is proving to be a little chit chatty (as chit chatty as you can be at 2 months old) little girl and wiggle worm! Thankfully though she is still a snuggle bug through and through. Last Wednesday-September 19th-Libby turned 2 months old! This post would have happened that day except she got her shots and I was going to back to work the next day so needless to say…blogging was at the very bottom of the to-do list. Here are a  few of the things we did the past month-took a long road trip to the mountains, went to an awesome “Sip and Seelig” and got to see Papa Steve and Bonita,watched her first football game with her dad, discovered the piano on her play mat scares her, got her 2 month shots, started smiling…and a lot of other fun things. By the way-Libby in her two months of living has already met 3 “famous”-“well known” however you want to put it-people! Mary Lou Retton and Denise and Shelley from Point of Grace. Did I get pictures of them talking to her and holding her? Of course not! What was I thinking? Anyways…here are pictures of everything else 🙂

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One thought on ““She likes to move it move it!”

  1. Jordan says:

    Hi Libby!!! Love you!! xoxo
    Aunt Jo

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