A Flux of Circumstances

As I was reading Jesus Calling this morning this line went straight to the heart. “You need to look beyond the flux of circumstances and discover Me gazing loving back at you.”

If you were to have been inside my head while I was trying to go sleep/thinking/praying you would understand why that statement went straight to the heart. So much going on around us in this world we live in. So much going on in the lives and relationships we have around us. So much good around us. So much hurt around us. It’s hard to not take it upon yourself-to burden yourself with these things-want them so badly to work out the way in our humans minds would want it to work out. Trying to remind myself that the Lords ways are perfect-and I may not understand them-but trusting that they are indeed perfect. 

My prayer today is that I would look beyond these things and into the eyes of my loving Savior. Pray fervently for these things-yes-but not burden myself and worry over these things. He’s got it. He is faithful. He is big enough.



One thought on “A Flux of Circumstances

  1. Shanna says:

    Thanks, Lana! I needed to hear that today. Love you!

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