7 1/2 months Old

Y’all, seriously this has been the craziest month! She’ll never know this wasn’t taken RIGHT on her 7 month bday right? I mean there will TOTALLY be a HUGE difference between today and her 8 month pics..in 2 weeks…eek. Oops! Some quick stats on Libs…

* Crawling…everywhere. Started a couple of weeks ago

* In that same week-she started pulling up!

*Two teeth coming in

*Weight is 14.2 pounds

*Had her first fever..104! Strep…I didn’t even know babies could get strep. I may or may not have been a complete mess when they called me to tell me during work

*Had your first ear infection

*Began sleeping through the night again…after not doing it since November…thankful to say the least

This is a quick post due to a lot of the above things. These are not as great of pictures due to alot of the above things (and I’m flying solo today on these pictures…crawling babe+not a good photographer=not greatness). But as I told Justin this morning, ” these pictures ARE happening TODAY!”

Still love this child more than anything!

IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4711 IMG_4728


8 thoughts on “7 1/2 months Old

  1. Ashley graves says:

    I think the pictures are perfect! Love that baby girl so much and I always look forward to seeing her pictures! Your last blog was so encouraging! Love you all!

  2. Sherry says:

    She is beautiful! Can’t believe how fast she is growing!

  3. Cori says:

    Adorable!! Graham can’t wait to see her again! 🙂

  4. Paige says:

    Ohmygoooosh! Love her what a sweetie 😉

  5. she is getting SOOOO big and is so dang cute!

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