Memorial Day 2013



Disclaimer: You are about to see some very cute babies in the pool as well as some very pale skin that has not seen the light of day since pre-Libby šŸ™‚

For Memorial Day this year we just laid low…did some house work, did some hanging out with some fam and most importantly took Libby for her first swim! She wasn’t so sure about it at first but I think by the end she was loving it!
IMG_5052oh hey dad!

What is this thing and why is this water so cold???


Hey Nora-cute glasses!


Dads and their cute littles


We may not all be smiling but we ARE all looking at the camera…it’s a huge feat people!

She wants everyone else sunglasses but her own


So much fun!


Taking a strawberries and blueberries snack time break


Pretty girl!


Love my sweet family


Of course we had to go swinging!IMG_5236 IMG_5245

Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day, too!


One thought on “Memorial Day 2013

  1. Cori says:

    She is so adorable! Graham is also obsessed with sunglasses! Can’t wait for a fun play date with our sweet babies!

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