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10 Months!!

I can.not.believe that Libby is 10 months old (almost 10 1/2 now!). Time really does fly by. We don’t have many stats on her since we don’t go back to the doctor until she is a one year old! BUT I can tell you  that she…

*Is all over the place and is just a speck away from walking…

*Is getting more and more independent..will sometimes still let me spoon feed her but she would rather feed herself with finger foods

*Still isn’t wearing shoes because either a)they are all too wide for her skinny little feet or b) she pulls them right off. But hey…in all honesty I would rather be barefoot all day, too.

*Has now flown twice and did wonderfully (except one time of having good little fit…thank you to the nice people sitting around me who didn’t give me nasty stares)

*Loves swimming as long as you don’t put that cold water in her face! haha

*Is talking more and more

*Sleeps about 12 hours a night with 2 good naps a day

*Her favorite things to do are still to go swinging, read a book and spin around in circles with her daddy

Here are some of her 10 month pics (which was SUPER fun trying to get her to NOT peel off the sticker every 2 seconds 🙂 )

IMG_5104 IMG_5111 IMG_5113 IMG_5116 IMG_5120 IMG_5122 IMG_5131 IMG_5134 IMG_5137 IMG_5138


9 months and Baby Dedication

Ok, we are getting back on track! I can NOT believe that Libby is 9 months old, it really does baffle my mind . She is such a fun and happy little busy bee and we just love her to pieces!

At 9 months Libby:

Weighs: 16 pounds and 6oz

Is 27 1/2 inches long

Is eating pretty much anything you give her. She is not very picky-yay!

LOVES chasing Pepper, Swinging, reading her books and walking all over the house with her walker.

Pulls up on EVERYTHING

Does not like when she is told no….we had our first “cry all the way through the grocery store” moment. It was epic.

Here are some of her 9 month pics (completely in backwards order but I am too lazy right now to fix it!)

IMG_4941 IMG_4939 IMG_4937 IMG_4911 IMG_4907 IMG_4888 IMG_4867That giggly girl just steals my heart every time!

This past weekend was baby dedication week at church. All on the same day Libby and our nieces Joanna and Nora were also dedicated. It was definitely a special day for all families.

IMG_4829 IMG_4834 IMG_4826 IMG_4824 IMG_4837


7 1/2 months Old

Y’all, seriously this has been the craziest month! She’ll never know this wasn’t taken RIGHT on her 7 month bday right? I mean there will TOTALLY be a HUGE difference between today and her 8 month 2 weeks…eek. Oops! Some quick stats on Libs…

* Crawling…everywhere. Started a couple of weeks ago

* In that same week-she started pulling up!

*Two teeth coming in

*Weight is 14.2 pounds

*Had her first fever..104! Strep…I didn’t even know babies could get strep. I may or may not have been a complete mess when they called me to tell me during work

*Had your first ear infection

*Began sleeping through the night again…after not doing it since November…thankful to say the least

This is a quick post due to a lot of the above things. These are not as great of pictures due to alot of the above things (and I’m flying solo today on these pictures…crawling babe+not a good photographer=not greatness). But as I told Justin this morning, ” these pictures ARE happening TODAY!”

Still love this child more than anything!

IMG_4647 IMG_4651 IMG_4711 IMG_4728